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    Gold Man River

    Arrived at the doomsday. Long night. Poetry might turn into sad shade. Wait alone. Alone without fear. Flesh does remain harder than steel. Raining outside. Outside for years. Thunder is long...
    por luko1791


    “Deja de vigilar tu alma; ¡mírala cómo sale de estampida al cielo! Al menor descuido, envuelta en llamas, se suelta y se va hacia otros mundos. ¿De dónde vendrá esa súbita llamarada que la arroja ...
    por luko1791

    Interview With The Photographer Javier Sanz About His Show: “paradoxes”

    Why the title? Because paradoxes challenge our common sense, break our schematics and require us to think. What’s more, they are extremely current. After quantum physics it makes no se...
    por javiersanz

    Shallow Shores

    Along the path. I´m crossing blackness. If I felt it inside, would probably give up to die. ...
    por luko1791

    Welcome To My Life

    Even though I'm used to write in spanish, just found a group of amazing people that make's me write this in english. Just one more time, my life is now getting so much better thanks to a group of peop...
    por camilamoreno08
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