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  • Paradoxes

    ARTIST STATEMENT: " I want to create a relationship between two objects, between inanimate objects and once-living creatures; be it a physical relationship, a sensory relationship or an aesthetic one. I want each part to speak to the other, physically and spiritually. I want to join two concepts that seem separated by an infinite distance. They cannot be united randomly, but must have coherence, an aesthetic logic. I seek in my work to bridge absurdity and logic, to form a ...

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  • Interview With The Photographer Javier Sanz About His Show: “paradoxes”

    Why the title? Because paradoxes challenge our common sense, break our schematics and require us to think. What’s more, they are extremely current. After quantum physics it makes no sense to speak of absolute certainties. After quantum physics paradoxes make much more sense. Only irony remains. Most of the photographs in the show are surrealistic. What is surrealism for you? Surrealism is the impossible appearing possible. A game in which the absurd appears rea...

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