Dancing 12 de enero de 2024
por cuore
She just want to dance
Dancing in the sand
Dancing under the rain
With her flowers dress.

Love, forever love
Can you feel my soul?
Theres no one to guilt
Theres no fears, no tears.

Love, forever you
Love, that crazy love
Making your mistakes
Waiting for adress;
Cristine, where you going? return to your bed.
Stop, thats a dream, insanity.
(Full of fools)
There you can receive anything, for your younger beats
of your heart so sweet,
my dear Cristine.
Thats when
you carry in your happiness, a secret hidden garden for a day,
the flowers borns
Cristine, go to bed,
You are like everyone else,
is stupid when you cry and get mad.
Please Cristine, do not waste your best feelings in the way, alone.
Come back home.

She is dancing
Dancing under the rain
Love, forever love
was that she said.

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